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• Source potential partnerships with your school’s organizations, events, and parties

• Be a key part in UConnection's college grassroots marketing efforts

• Represent the brand through various social media channels

• Promote UConnection via your personal and professional networks

• Identify opportunities both on and off campus to promote UConnection in a variety of creative ways



There’s no single characteristic that makes up a UConnection team member. We’re looking for passionate leaders who love the UConnection mission, actively use the app, and know how to have a fun time. You are...

Fun. You’re a charismatic person that can talk to just about anyone. You’re fearless and want to share something awesome with your classmates.

Organized. You follow through on tasks and know how to keep a calendar. It’s been a while since there was something you couldn’t handle.

Connected. You have strong knowledge of events, groups, and happenings at your

college, along with an active online presence and familiarity with social media.

Motivated. You have a strong integrity and want to join others in doing something great with UConnection.



  • Thousands apply, but only one elite per campus is chosen
  • Elite sponsored students and their friends will receive free apparel, swag, gift cards, and more
  • Very competitive pay; UConnection Elites typically earn more than $750 over the span of four weeks
  • Work anytime, anywhere with no cap on earnings 
  • Join other sharp, motivated, and elite co-workers in a fun, and young environment as UConnection grows to serve millions of students nationwide